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About Durins Folk

Lord of the Rings Online
 (Durins Folk Kinship)
Sons of Durin



Durins Folk is a Landroval kinship founded by Guardians - Master Dwarf Gruma and a Noldorin Elf Lanovar , during open beta April 22nd 2007 on Nimrodel as the Original "Sons of Durin" Kinship. Lead by our most charming Guardian Master Dwarf Logrjigi, as a primarily raiding Kinship the Sons of Durin was one of the largest community of players on Nimrodel who came together for one common goal, to have a good time exploring Middle-earth.

Most Dwarves mentioned in Tolkien's works are of Durins Folk, the house founded by Durin I of Khazad-dûm, Durin founded what became the greatest of the Dwarf cities: Khazad-dûm: the Dwarrowdelf, later called Moria. Durin's people were known as the Longbeards, Sons of Durin or more commonly as Durins Folk. In the early part of the Second Age many Noldorin Elves, lead by Celebrimbor journeyed East of the Ered Luin and established the realm of Eregion near the Misty Mountains. These Elves developed a rare friendship with the Dwarves of Khazad-dûm. Together they became loyal and good friends referred to as "Durins Folk" the Sons of Durin.


(Why the rename from the Sons of Durin to Durins Folk? When we were forced to move to a different server we chose Landroval, which unfortunatly already had a newer kinship with our name. For a group of our Standing and History as a Founding Kinship, rather then going with a -1 named Kinship, we decided on a rename. Another known name for the Sons of Durin is "Durin's Folk". Unfortunatly that name was also taken so we decided on "Durins Folk" so we can keep our History intact.) 


The Battle of Evermore by Led Zeppelin a song with ties to middle-earth
Battle of Evermore and Tolkien

Voice Chat for Sons of Durin is C3, for a password ask an officer in game

You can get C3 here

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Update 22.2.2 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 22.2.2, released on Wednesday, June 13th.

News and Notes:




Terrible Wound was incorrectly being spread by Radiate. It is no longer affected by this trait.

Hemorrhaging Wound and Terrible Wound damage over time has been reduced.

Unimbued Legendary Item area of effect damage bonuses have been reduced.

Honourable Combat now properly heals for each Bleed removed.

Sweeping Cut's base damage has been increased.

The skill description of Overwhelm has been fixed.

The trait description of Hemorrhage has been fixed.

War Chant now does physical damage.


Damage from Set Trap, Triple Trap, Piercing Trap, and The One Trap is now inherited from your main hand weapon DPS.

Blindside has been corrected, and now generates three Focus rather than costing three Focus.

Armor Rend now adds properly to the base debuff of Penetrating Shot.

Hail of Arrows' cooldown reset can now proc once every 30 seconds.


Instant damage has been increased on several skills.

Nature's Wrath's periodic damage has been increased.

Improved Staff Sweep now deals Light damage.

The cooldown on Knowledge of Power has been reduced from 60 seconds to 45 seconds.

Ring of Fire now deals significantly more damage in an area burst.

Wizard's Fire now benefits from and removes Improved Staff Sweep's fire crit chance buff.


Improved Chord of Salvation will now correctly increase the Fellowship-wide heal from ranks two through four.



Instruments now display properly in the Dressing Room and Character panel.

Gleowine's Harp, the Bardic Fiddle, and the Basic Fiddle now correctly appear on the back when sheathed.

Cosmetic instruments now correctly disappear while in /music mode.


Mounted Combat

Fixed an issue with War-steed turning.


Quests and Adventure Areas

Fixed an issue with a missing cocoon in the quest Finding Reason in Archet.



Fixed an issue where High-elf Rune-keepers with Legendary Item rune-satchels were unable to log in on a Mac.

Fixed a Who panel issue that could prevent information from being shown for previously logged-in players.

Who panel input element filtering is now more responsive.

The level variance on Who and Quest Grouping panels has been adjusted to be +/- 5 levels.

Female elf NPCs once again have a variety of hair colours.

To help alleviate some chat spamming issues, characters on Premium accounts must now be level 10 in order to chat on the global chat channels. Characters on VIP accounts continue to have no level restriction to chat, while characters on Free accounts must still be level 20 to use the global chat channels.


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Update 22.2 Release Notes

(Note: These notes will receive an update on June 4th by the end of the day to reflect a few changes that did not make it into this version of the notes.)


Update 22.2 Release Notes


Here are the Release Notes for Update 22.2, released on June 4th.


Of Special Note


New Seasonal Instances


This year's Summer Festival will feature two new Seasonal Instances: The Perfect Picnic and Boss from the Vaults: Thrâng! These instances will be available for the duration of the Summer Festival, and completing them will allow you to earn additional Festival Tokens in addition to unique gear and cosmetic items. These Instances arrive with the Summer Festival, which begins June 28th starting at 10:00 AM Eastern.

Read more...Update-22-2-Release-Notes

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Update 22.1 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 22.1, released on Tuesday, April 10th.


Of Special Note:


Celebrating 11 Years of Lord of the Rings Online!


The 11th Anniversary of Lord of the Rings Online brings an additional tier to the Anniversary Event, which begins at the Party Tree in The Shire. Players will receive three additional Treasure Hunt cards focusing on the history of the game and core themes from Lord of the Rings when the event begins at 10:00 AM Eastern on Thursday, April 19th. Additionally, all player progress earned during LOTRO's 10th Anniversary remains in place, so players can continue their celebration. All previous years' quests are available immediately, but players will need to complete a prior quest before getting the next one.


Anniversary Gift!


We're celebrating Elevenses, and now you can too! Characters who log in during the anniversary who have been with us for eleven years will automatically receive an 11-year Giftbox and a Title on their characters, including a new emote! This gift box delivery begins at 10:00 AM Eastern on Thursday, April 19th and runs through March 31st of 2019.


News and Notes: Read More.. Update-22-1-Release-Notes


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Update 22 Release Notes

Update 22: Legacy of the Necromancer Release Notes


Here are the Release Notes for Update 22, released on Tuesday, March 6th


Of Special Note


The Black Book of Mordor Continues!


Chapters 5 and 6 of the Black Book of Mordor are now available! As the Golden Host moves toward Dol Guldur, others come that way too, in search of things lost and forgotten. Players who have purchased the Mordor expansion automatically have access to this new Black Book of Mordor content. Players who have completed Chapter 4.4, "Union of Evil", can speak to Mithrandir in the wreckage of the Black Gate to begin Chapter 5 of the Black Book of Mordor.


Strongholds of the North


Visit the Strongholds of the North! Encounter the Elvenking Thranduil, discover what is causing trouble in Dale and Lake-town in the Dale-lands, and help the renewed dwarven kingdom of Erebor. Accomplish unique goals with new deeds, and defend yourself against the scourges of these three kingdoms. This update includes over 125 new quests and deeds, which can be accessed by travelling to any hub in the Strongholds of the North. Access this content in the new Legacy of the Necromancer adventure pack, available in the LOTRO Store and FREE for VIPs!


Eryn Lasgalen


The name Mirkwood is no longer. The Wood-elves are reclaiming their forest with the name Wood of Greenleaves, but all is not cleansed yet. Trouble lurks in corners, and mysteries confound the Elves. Where have the spiders gone? Who would steal from the Raft-elves goods? What else has long dwelled, unseen, within the woods? Read more ...Update-22-Release-Notes


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Update 21.3.2 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 21.3.2, released on Tuesday, December 19th.


News and Notes:


Quests and Adventure Areas:


Abyss of Mordath - Defeated players will now properly earn the Original Challenger/Challenger titles after completing the final challenge in the Abyss of Mordath.

Abyss of Mordath - A Light in the Darkness should no longer fail shortly after the Bitter Warden gains his first Corruptions without apparent reason.

Chest locks applied between midnight and 3am will now have the correct reset time applied.

You will no longer see a string table error from the /raid locks command in older instances.

Fixed a problem where chests in Lost Temple, Sari-surma, The Northcotton Farm, Halls of Night, Inn of the Forsaken, the Erebor raids and Ost Dunhoth were failing to award loot when opened.





Cursed gear no longer returns an erroneous "You do not have enough room to do that" message when you attempt to disenchant it with the Flame of Ancalamír.

Equipment drops in The Court of Seregost and Naerband will now be bound to account instead of bound to character (after the Fellowship-tradeable time expires).

You can now trade-in Empowered Shadow Essences of Morale for Malleable Shadow Essences.

Tier 10 Captain Armaments can now be bartered for exchange receipts with all captain trainers (and not just Thenimbor in Esteldin). Additionally, Mordathest in Twenty-first Hall, Lovellos in Ost Galadh, and Thallanc in Telain Galadhrim will now only trade for tier 4 and higher armaments.


The Steed of the Ithilien Winter in the Frostbluff corral was using an incorrect not yet available appearance. This has been corrected and the Steed of Ithilien Winter in Frostbluff will once again match the mount skill.



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