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About Durins Folk

Lord of the Rings Online
 (Durins Folk Kinship)
Sons of Durin



Durins Folk is a Landroval kinship founded by Guardians - Master Dwarf Gruma and a Noldorin Elf Lanovar , during open beta April 22nd 2007 on Nimrodel as the Original "Sons of Durin" Kinship. Lead by our most charming Guardian Master Dwarf Logrjigi, as a primarily raiding Kinship the Sons of Durin was one of the largest community of players on Nimrodel who came together for one common goal, to have a good time exploring Middle-earth.

Most Dwarves mentioned in Tolkien's works are of Durins Folk, the house founded by Durin I of Khazad-dûm, Durin founded what became the greatest of the Dwarf cities: Khazad-dûm: the Dwarrowdelf, later called Moria. Durin's people were known as the Longbeards, Sons of Durin or more commonly as Durins Folk. In the early part of the Second Age many Noldorin Elves, lead by Celebrimbor journeyed East of the Ered Luin and established the realm of Eregion near the Misty Mountains. These Elves developed a rare friendship with the Dwarves of Khazad-dûm. Together they became loyal and good friends referred to as "Durins Folk" the Sons of Durin.


(Why the rename from the Sons of Durin to Durins Folk? When we were forced to move to a different server we chose Landroval, which unfortunatly already had a newer kinship with our name. For a group of our Standing and History as a Founding Kinship, rather then going with a -1 named Kinship, we decided on a rename. Another known name for the Sons of Durin is "Durin's Folk". Unfortunatly that name was also taken so we decided on "Durins Folk" so we can keep our History intact.) 


The Battle of Evermore by Led Zeppelin a song with ties to middle-earth
Battle of Evermore and Tolkien

Voice Chat for Sons of Durin is C3, for a password ask an officer in game

You can get C3 here

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Update 20 Release Notes

Update 20: Battle of the Black Gate Release Notes


Here are the Release Notes for Update 20, released on Tuesday, March 21st.


Of Special Note:


Journey through The Wastes!


Update 20, The Battle of the Black Gate, features more than ninety quests in three new regions: the Noman-lands, Dagorlad, and the Slag-hills. Discover new adventures beginning in the Camp of the Host.

The Black Gate


Epic Volume IV, Book 8 is now available. Experience the Host of the West’s climactic confrontation with Sauron’s forces at the Battle of the Black Gate, as Aragorn seeks to draw Sauron’s Eye away from his true peril… 


Resource Dungeons


Two new dungeons are now available! Explore Carchost, the Towers of the Teeth and Skoironk, the Maggot-holes, each with its own landscape, solo resource instance, and group resource instance.


Prepare the Host of the West for Battle!



Players can acquire supplies, provisions, and armour to prepare the Host of the West for the Battle of the Black Gate! Collect enough items to assist each faction of the Host of the West, and receive unique rewards. Supplies, provisions and armour can be earned through solo and group resource dungeons, Roving Threats, Landscape monsters, and Crafting... Read More

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Update 19.2 Release Notes


Here are the Release Notes for Update 19.2, released on Monday, December 19th.


Of Special Note:


New Quests


Seventeen new quests and deeds have been added in North Ithilien, including 9 repeatable quests. These quests start with Aragorn in the Camp of the Host.


New Flora


A new tier of Ithilien Infused Essences have been introduced. These essences are item level 258, and cover the following stats:

Physical Mastery

Tactical Mastery

Physical Mitigation

Tactical Mitigation


Critical Rating







Each crafting profession will get a new, rare ingredient that can be found in The Throne of the Dread Terror, North Ithilien Flora, Featured Instances, and the Yule Festival. These crafting items are tradeable. Crafters will use these ingredients to make a Wild Essence barter item, which is also tradeable.

The recipes use the new ingredient, a universal solvent, normal crafting components, and any Ithilien Essence. The recipes are free, and are automatically added to your crafting panel in Update 19.2.

The North Ithilien Herbalists will give you an Ithilien-infused Essence box in exchange for one of these Wild Essences. The box allows you to choose the essence with the stat you desire, and there is even a small chance the essence may be a Legendary masquerading as an Incomparable

Attention North Ithilien herbalists: The ranger Ereblen has recently discovered more flora growing around the south of the Cross-roads in Ithilien..


Read More... Update 19.2 Release Notes

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