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About Durins Folk

Lord of the Rings Online
 (Durins Folk Kinship)
Sons of Durin



Durins Folk is a Landroval kinship founded by Guardians - Master Dwarf Gruma and a Noldorin Elf Lanovar , during open beta April 22nd 2007 on Nimrodel as the Original "Sons of Durin" Kinship. Lead by our most charming Guardian Master Dwarf Logrjigi, as a primarily raiding Kinship the Sons of Durin was one of the largest community of players on Nimrodel who came together for one common goal, to have a good time exploring Middle-earth.

Most Dwarves mentioned in Tolkien's works are of Durins Folk, the house founded by Durin I of Khazad-dûm, Durin founded what became the greatest of the Dwarf cities: Khazad-dûm: the Dwarrowdelf, later called Moria. Durin's people were known as the Longbeards, Sons of Durin or more commonly as Durins Folk. In the early part of the Second Age many Noldorin Elves, lead by Celebrimbor journeyed East of the Ered Luin and established the realm of Eregion near the Misty Mountains. These Elves developed a rare friendship with the Dwarves of Khazad-dûm. Together they became loyal and good friends referred to as "Durins Folk" the Sons of Durin.


(Why the rename from the Sons of Durin to Durins Folk? When we were forced to move to a different server we chose Landroval, which unfortunatly already had a newer kinship with our name. For a group of our Standing and History as a Founding Kinship, rather then going with a -1 named Kinship, we decided on a rename. Another known name for the Sons of Durin is "Durin's Folk". Unfortunatly that name was also taken so we decided on "Durins Folk" so we can keep our History intact.) 


The Battle of Evermore by Led Zeppelin a song with ties to middle-earth
Battle of Evermore and Tolkien

Voice Chat for Sons of Durin is C3, for a password ask an officer in game

You can get C3 here

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Update 21.1 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 21.1, released on Monday, August 21st. News and Notes: Scourges of Gorgoroth have now appeared for you to find and defeat. Quests for defeating the scourges will automatically become available when you approach these foes.

Classes and Races

The high elves have their own horse summon animation and whistle sound.

For real this time, several classes had a few skills lowered to be available at Level 1. Captain gains access to Rallying Cry and Devastating Blow at level 1. Champion gains access to Savage Strikes and Wild Attack at level 1. Guardian gains access to Shield-swipe and Retaliation at level 1. Hunters gain access to Barbed Arrow at level 1. Rune-keepers gain acces to Shocking Words at level 1.

High Elves now have starting characteristics.

Many hair and head clipping visual issues have been addressed for humans, elves, and High elves.

Male Humans, Elves, and Beornings will no longer shift to the left when using the /laugh or /lol emote. 


Read more Here


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Update 21.0.2 Release Notes

Update 21.0.2 Release Notes



Here are the Release Notes for Update 21.0.2, released on Wednesday, August 9th, 2017.

News and Notes:



Several classes have had a few of their skills lowered to be available at Level 1.



Doomfold Scholar Guild Recipes can no longer be crafted using ingredient packs.

Anorien Crafting trail food and Resistance-granting food now provide their intended buffs.



Aria of the Valar Packages will go to overflow if inventory is full when granted.

Quests and Adventure Areas

The Gorgoroth Resource Instance "The Burning Mountain" is now available.

The very high-level wights in the Barrow-downs were only supposed to appear at certain times. They've been reprimanded and should no longer constantly appear there, eager to feast on unwary, lower-level characters.

The Quest, "Reclaiming Udun: Maudhul Tar Overlook" can now be completed.

Optional quests in both The Wastes and Gorgoroth Resource Instances will no longer go away when you leave the instance before the main quest timer runs out.

Hobbit Allegiance: There are more cues to look up for an objective in "High and Low".

Hobbit Allegiance: Footprints are easier to find in "The Last Word"

Aster Hayward can now be spoken to.

Elf Allegiance: fixed an errant extra quest ring marker in "The Wandering and the Lost"

The Allegiance travel skills have been renamed: Journey to Bâr Thorenion, Journey to the Court of Lothlórien, Journey to the Hall of the King, and Journey to the Hall Under the Mountain. These skills now have a 5 minute cooldown and are unaffected by the Expedient Traveller and Returning Traveller traits.

Uruk Enforcers in Udun will wear their shields properly.

The enemies in the quest Fatal Prize are now considerably weaker.

The Battle Under the Trees session in the Elf Allegiance line should play more gracefully. The session avatar is much more powerful, a number of AI pathing issues have been fixed, and a small number of enemies have been removed. Some of the voice over narration has been slightly re-timed as well.

Phasing issues with Mulnir in the Udun Foothold surrounding A Solemn Gathering should be resolved.

The lava heat has been pulled back from one of the stones needed for the Quest Four to Open in Udun, so it can be safely reached.

Players can now return and use the door again if they are defeated in Four to Open.

Udun now has more Uruk Enforcers and surrenderers.

The Quest Three Proofs no longer has a sorcerer to prevent confusion.

An issue has been fixed in the quest Three Proofs where players could sometimes not be able to summon Yordam.

Aragorn will now be standing before the Black Gates for A First Furtive Foray, no matter your current state of progress in Where the Shadows Lie.

Orodruin: The North Slopes is now playable.

Being defeated in Naerband now places you in a defeat circle in Talath Urui.

The Deed Quest of Talath Urui now requires 50 completed quests.

All races can now complete the Epic Prologue: At the Behest of Cardavor.

The Gorgoroth Task: Obsidian Scales now accepts its namesake.

Broodmothers in Lhingris will no longer call for help from other Broodmothers.

Corrected some NPCs in Dor Amarth that were not phasing correctly.

Memories of the Last Alliance can now be completed.

Retreating from Naerband no longer sends players to Bree.



Newly-created High Elves can now unlock the usual series of titles for reaching level 20 without being defeated. Existing High Elves cannot earn these deeds.

The female avatar elf and human laugh emote has been updated.



The Elf and High Elf male will properly display in the Barbershop UI.

The light and shadow effect now display properly in scaled Vitals UI.

The Allegiance Progress Tracker no longer blocks mouse clicks on overlapped UI elements.



The three videos in Epic book volume 4 book 9 will now play in a French client.

The high elf video is now available in French and German clients.

High elves can now use quest-related mounts.

The Reputation Accelerator meter now correctly displays the accelerated reputation available to you.


Known Issues:

Some new avatars issues remain.

The Burglar skill Exploit Opening does not trigger a Fellowship Manoeuvre.

Many Doomfold Crafting items have identical tooltips for normal versus critical results in the crafting panel, but the items still create at their correct level.

High Elves currently do not have passive racial traits.


Some quests remain untranslated in German and French clients.


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Hotfix on Friday August 4th


Downtime Notice: Friday, August 4th 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM Eastern (-4 GMT)

The LOTRO game worlds will be brought down for a hotfix on Friday, August 4th from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM Eastern (-4 GMT) to correct an issue with Aria of the Valar delivery. Thank you for your patience.



For people missing their Arias of the Valar: Once we re-open the worlds following the hotfix, the Aria of the Valar will be delivered to the first character you log into that has the Novice characteristic. So, it does not matter which character you logged into on Wednesday; the item will be delivered to your first qualified character you log into AFTER tomorrow’s fix. Please make sure you log into the server you intend to use the Aria of the Valar on. The Aria of the Valar is Bound to Account until opened, at which point the item becomes Bound to Character.

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Update 21 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 21.


Of Special Note:


Epic Volume 4: Book 9


Witness the fate of the One Ring and Sauron! The Epic quest line reaches a major milestone, and remains free to all players.


The Black Book of Mordor


We begin a new story in Update 21 that will continue in future updates. Travel beyond the Black Gate, seek treasure and conquest, and discover what happens when the Free People enter a land of evil and corruption.


Explore Mordor... read more here


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Update 20.1.2 Release Notes

Update 20.1.2 Release Notes


Here are the Release Notes for Update 20.1.2, released on Wednesday, May 31st.


News and Notes:




The LOTRO Store once again opens using an in-game browser. Note that the Mac client will continue to use an external browser for now.

There is now an option to open the LOTRO Store in an external window. This option can be found under Game Options > UI Settings > WebStore > External Store.

Pop-up windows that open when clicking certain links using the in-game browser will continue to open using an external browser.


Featured Instance


Barad Guldur is replacing Flight to the Lonely Mountain as the Featured Instance raid.




The 10th Anniversary dragon firework now stays visible approximately five seconds longer so it can complete its animation.


Rating and Vitality Contribution Calculations


We have done some large back-end work on Rating contribution calculations to allow us to prepare for the Mordor Expansion, which will include a level cap increase. These changes impact the way percentage stats are determined, such as finesse, Block, Parry, Evade, critical chance, critical defence, mitigations, masteries, and resistance. These changes should have relatively little effect on your current stats, and were made to make it easier for us to update and manage these values long into the future. The underlying curves have changed a bit, so while current level-capped players will most likely not notice a change, characters below cap may find their values a bit higher or lower, depending on the stat in question.

Stat contributions from Vitality generally grant non-tank classes more benefit from Vitality than they were previously receiving.

Light armour classes (Loremasters, Minstrels, and Runekeepers) and Hunters now receive four points of Morale and 1 point of Tactical Mitigation for each point of Vitality, up from three and zero, respectively.

Some heavy armour classes (Champion and Captain) and Burlars now receive 4.5 points of Morale for each point of Vitality, up from three.


Scavenger Hunt


Verbena Greenhand in Bree will now barter anniversary rewards for Anniversary Tokens for the entire duration of the Anniversary Scavenger Hunt.

When on an appropriate Anniversary Scavenger Hunt quest, the hidden rope will now take you into Lothlórien.




The Userpreferences.ini file is now more consistently saved when the user options panel is closed.




Various mob ratings have been updated.

Underharrow's location on the Stable-masters Collections panel has been fixed.

Characters will no longer slide when using the /smoke emote while running.

Corrected the German localization for the Reveller's items.

On login, money in overflow is transitioned to your character's active currency pool. The Overflow Currency amount is now capped at 9999 gold, 999 silver, and 99 copper.

The North Ithilien treasure cache that was previously buried in rock has been excavated and is now visible and accessible.



Update 20.1.2 Release Notes



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Update 20 Release Notes

Update 20: Battle of the Black Gate Release Notes


Here are the Release Notes for Update 20, released on Tuesday, March 21st.


Of Special Note:


Journey through The Wastes!


Update 20, The Battle of the Black Gate, features more than ninety quests in three new regions: the Noman-lands, Dagorlad, and the Slag-hills. Discover new adventures beginning in the Camp of the Host.

The Black Gate


Epic Volume IV, Book 8 is now available. Experience the Host of the West’s climactic confrontation with Sauron’s forces at the Battle of the Black Gate, as Aragorn seeks to draw Sauron’s Eye away from his true peril… 


Resource Dungeons


Two new dungeons are now available! Explore Carchost, the Towers of the Teeth and Skoironk, the Maggot-holes, each with its own landscape, solo resource instance, and group resource instance.


Prepare the Host of the West for Battle!



Players can acquire supplies, provisions, and armour to prepare the Host of the West for the Battle of the Black Gate! Collect enough items to assist each faction of the Host of the West, and receive unique rewards. Supplies, provisions and armour can be earned through solo and group resource dungeons, Roving Threats, Landscape monsters, and Crafting... Read More

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