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About Durins Folk

Lord of the Rings Online
 (Durins Folk Kinship)
Sons of Durin



Durins Folk is a Landroval kinship founded by Guardians - Master Dwarf Gruma and a Noldorin Elf Lanovar , during open beta April 22nd 2007 on Nimrodel as the Original "Sons of Durin" Kinship. Lead by our most charming Guardian Master Dwarf Logrjigi, as a primarily raiding Kinship the Sons of Durin was one of the largest community of players on Nimrodel who came together for one common goal, to have a good time exploring Middle-earth.

Most Dwarves mentioned in Tolkien's works are of Durins Folk, the house founded by Durin I of Khazad-dûm, Durin founded what became the greatest of the Dwarf cities: Khazad-dûm: the Dwarrowdelf, later called Moria. Durin's people were known as the Longbeards, Sons of Durin or more commonly as Durins Folk. In the early part of the Second Age many Noldorin Elves, lead by Celebrimbor journeyed East of the Ered Luin and established the realm of Eregion near the Misty Mountains. These Elves developed a rare friendship with the Dwarves of Khazad-dûm. Together they became loyal and good friends referred to as "Durins Folk" the Sons of Durin.


(Why the rename from the Sons of Durin to Durins Folk? When we were forced to move to a different server we chose Landroval, which unfortunatly already had a newer kinship with our name. For a group of our Standing and History as a Founding Kinship, rather then going with a -1 named Kinship, we decided on a rename. Another known name for the Sons of Durin is "Durin's Folk". Unfortunatly that name was also taken so we decided on "Durins Folk" so we can keep our History intact.) 


The Battle of Evermore by Led Zeppelin a song with ties to middle-earth
Battle of Evermore and Tolkien

Voice Chat for Sons of Durin is C3, for a password ask an officer in game

You can get C3 here

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Develop Diary – Premium Housing Update




Erika “FriendlyHat” Ng, Systems Designer


Hello! With Update 19, we’re introducing a new type of housing, which we’re calling Premium Housing, along with a new neighbourhood!


The Cape of Belfalas


The Cape of Belfalas is a spacious new waterfront neighbourhood, replete with lighthouses, beaches, docks, and a fantastic view of the bay! Relinquished by Gondorians who marched off to war or fled from Corsair raids, these large homes are now generally available to adventurers of all stripes, containing many more hook points to decorate and display hard-won spoils upon.



Click here for full Article  www.lotro.com - premium-housing



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18.2.3 Release Notes

News and Notes:



The Stable-master link from the main map page is now hidden when in Session and Monster Play, and for new characters.

You can no longer purchase Mithril travel from the Stable-master Collections UI within a private encounter, during Session or Monster play, or during combat.



Summer Festival

The Great Mathom Fishing Swap is now mutually-exclusive with The Fishing-hole. Only while the mathom fishing timer is actually ticking down will you receive Mathoms or weeds when fishing. This quest now also awards a Summer Festival Token.

Fountain emote and Hobbit dance 4 emote granting items now Bind to Account when acquired.



The house at 1 Stonemirk Street once again has its housing hooks.

The Clover Table housing decoration has regained its correct appearance.


Quests and Adventure Areas:

Post-Pelennor Minas Tirith now has mailboxes.

Post-Pelennor Houses of healing no longer have a door that sends you back to earlier Minas Tirith.

The Defenders of Minas Tirith Quartermaster now offers cosmetic weapons in exchange for Minas Tirith Silver Pieces.



Throne of the Dread Terror:


Mumakil now drops four groups of Haradrim each instead of five.

Mumakil auto-attacks have had their potency increased.


Unbroken One:

The timer of the Fury of the Unbroken (hard Enrage) has been increased to 900 seconds (15 minutes), up from 720 seconds (12 minutes).

The health increase of the three sub-boss Broken has been reduced to x2.5 from x3. Their full-corrupted health is now roughly 12 million, 12 million, and 7.5 million.)

The potency of the Ancient Defence aura has been increased as it is a corruption, and is removable.

Devouring Darklings have had their health reduced by half.

Oozing Darklings have had their health reduced slightly.

Black Numenorean Binders will no longer continue to spawn after wiping on the Unbroken One.



The incoming damage debuffs on the Nazgul now properly apply to their listed damage types.



The Carn Dûm segment of the Breach of Terror has been altered to be smoother and faster.

Lorniel now applies a harsh damage over time to Golodir if she reaches him.


Challenge: The Returned King now requires you to escape the Breach of Terror in under 20 minutes.



The Disable Combat Music option now consistently disables combat music.



The Steed of the White City and Battle-worn Steed of the White City now move faster and endure longer; they have their proper 250 Morale and +68% speed.



Known Issues:


Items on the newly restored housing hooks at 1 Stonemirk Street are temporarily not present and inaccessible. We will correct this issue in a future patch.

18.2.3 Release Notes


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