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re: Update 16.3 Release NotesUpdate 16.3 Release notes New Featu


Update 16.3 Release notes

New Features


There is a new launcher based transfer service for character and account item transfers. This service will be turned on slowly over the next several weeks. You can find more information on our website: http://www.lotro.com/en/game/articles/world-transfers




PDFW potions no longer have a 1 second cooldown.

Sundering of Osgiliath - Stealth skills have been disabled while inside the enemy courtyard.

Sundering of Osgiliath - Quest deeds can now be completed.

Sundering of Osgiliath - Quest: Hunting for Heads - quest now increments on defeat of any type of captain

Sundering of Osgiliath - Quest: The Ornendil Bridge Belongs to Mordor - quest now progresses properly when on the bridge


Quest and Instances


Sunken Labyrinth - Dagron boss changes: Charge now has a longer cooldown and does less damage. Poison Breath does less damage and won't hit a player multiple times during the same attack.




Festivals - Fixed a bug where festival display horses could disappear.

World Transfers - Premium and VIP players have been awarded 2 extra character slots


Andy "Frelorn" Cataldo - Senior Community Manager



Bragae 115 Hobbit Warden R10, Culian 115 Man Burglar R7, Dakeras 115 Man Hunter R8, Conovar 115 Captain, Bailen 115 Dwarf Champion, Lanovar 115 Elf Guardian, Pendaeric 115 Man Loremaster / Creeps - Bragha Warg R10, KurtRussell War-Leader R10, Braghae BA R10
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