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re: Update 17: The Siege of Minas Tirith



3 New Areas, 2 New Epic Battles, Quests and Deeds for Level 100

Your story in Middle-earth continues! Journey through 3 new areas and explore 2 new Epic Battles designed to protect the illustrious White City. Immerse yourself further into the world with new Epic Story quests and a mission to directly protect the kingdom of Gondor.


The armies of Witch King knock on the gates. Madness festers under the dawnless day. The gaze of Mordor is fixed upon the city of men. But not all hope is lost!


Minas Tirith

Minas Tirith – Adventure within Pelennor Fields, Talath Anor, and the White City. Your reputation proceeds you, and your knowledge of what is coming is vital. Help recall troops and prepare for the siege that you know is inevitably upon you. How will Gandalf see your arrival? What will be your part to play in the future of this grand city? See the story unfold inside the City of Kings.

Defense of Minas Tirith –

The first assault is upon you! Defend the walls against monstrous siege towers and other surprises.

Hammer of the Underworld –

Come toe-to-toe with the Witch-king and Grond. Face down evil at the gates of Minas Tirith!


The Siege of Minas Tirith

Bragae 115 Hobbit Warden R10, Culian 115 Man Burglar R7, Dakeras 115 Man Hunter R8, Conovar 115 Captain, Bailen 115 Dwarf Champion, Lanovar 115 Elf Guardian, Pendaeric 115 Man Loremaster / Creeps on Arkenstone Vae Victis - KurtBurton War-Leader R11, Bragha Warg R10, Braghae BA R10
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