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re: Update 19.0.1 Release Notes


Welcome to the Release Notes for Update 19.0.1, released on Wednesday, October 26th.

News and Notes:


The Minstrel's Strike a Chord buff now properly expires.

Minstrel's Echoes of Battle Resistance Rating debuff no longer incorrectly increases cry rating.

Class-specific evade healing proc essences now have a shorter cooldown.

The Champion skill Champion's Duel now applies its proper debuff to enemies.

Champion's Bleed from Deep Strikes no longer overwites the Bleed from Rend.

The Warden's Open Wound and No Respite debuffs now stack properly.

The Minstrel's Inspiring Cries and Calls now have their correct duration.

Captain's Time of Need damage now properly effects the skill.

Rune-keeper's Prelude to Hope Power Restore now properly effects its pulses.

The Warden skill Snap Shot - Ambush now requires its proper gambit builders.

The Guardian Force Taunt's name in the Legendary Items panel now matches the name of the legacy replacement scroll.

Burglar - Legacies - Classic Legacy "Critical Chain Skills Critical" now correctly enhances Crit Chance on Crit Response Skills.


 Read More.... Here

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