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re: Update 20.1.2 Release Notes


Update 20.1.2 Release Notes


Here are the Release Notes for Update 20.1.2, released on Wednesday, May 31st.


News and Notes:




The LOTRO Store once again opens using an in-game browser. Note that the Mac client will continue to use an external browser for now.

There is now an option to open the LOTRO Store in an external window. This option can be found under Game Options > UI Settings > WebStore > External Store.

Pop-up windows that open when clicking certain links using the in-game browser will continue to open using an external browser.


Featured Instance


Barad Guldur is replacing Flight to the Lonely Mountain as the Featured Instance raid.




The 10th Anniversary dragon firework now stays visible approximately five seconds longer so it can complete its animation.


Rating and Vitality Contribution Calculations


We have done some large back-end work on Rating contribution calculations to allow us to prepare for the Mordor Expansion, which will include a level cap increase. These changes impact the way percentage stats are determined, such as finesse, Block, Parry, Evade, critical chance, critical defence, mitigations, masteries, and resistance. These changes should have relatively little effect on your current stats, and were made to make it easier for us to update and manage these values long into the future. The underlying curves have changed a bit, so while current level-capped players will most likely not notice a change, characters below cap may find their values a bit higher or lower, depending on the stat in question.

Stat contributions from Vitality generally grant non-tank classes more benefit from Vitality than they were previously receiving.

Light armour classes (Loremasters, Minstrels, and Runekeepers) and Hunters now receive four points of Morale and 1 point of Tactical Mitigation for each point of Vitality, up from three and zero, respectively.

Some heavy armour classes (Champion and Captain) and Burlars now receive 4.5 points of Morale for each point of Vitality, up from three.


Scavenger Hunt


Verbena Greenhand in Bree will now barter anniversary rewards for Anniversary Tokens for the entire duration of the Anniversary Scavenger Hunt.

When on an appropriate Anniversary Scavenger Hunt quest, the hidden rope will now take you into Lothlórien.




The Userpreferences.ini file is now more consistently saved when the user options panel is closed.




Various mob ratings have been updated.

Underharrow's location on the Stable-masters Collections panel has been fixed.

Characters will no longer slide when using the /smoke emote while running.

Corrected the German localization for the Reveller's items.

On login, money in overflow is transitioned to your character's active currency pool. The Overflow Currency amount is now capped at 9999 gold, 999 silver, and 99 copper.

The North Ithilien treasure cache that was previously buried in rock has been excavated and is now visible and accessible.



Update 20.1.2 Release Notes



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