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re: Mechanics:Relative Weapon Damage Factors

Some Kin members have been confused about this kind of thing, so to clarify, here it is.

1 The most important weapon statistic depends on your class and your most-used skills
2 Slower, harder-hitting weapons are far more power-efficient
3 The "extra swings" and +damage bonus of slower weapons are higher with slower weapons, but occur more rapidly with faster weapons
4 The auto-attack tick cycle seems to be independent of, but overwritten by, skill execution
5 Special damage types might trump all of the preceding factors
6 Some general rules of thumb for choosing a fast or slow weapon setup

Weapons, skills and items in LotRO can inflict damage of many different varieties. While developers have been loath to provide players with specific data regarding which type of damage is most effective against certain creature types, some conclusions can be made based on the lore of Middle-earth. The new Lore-master skill - Knowledge of the Lore-master - now gives us a new tool to determine which damage types are more effective against which creature types.

Furthermore, damage types vary by species within the same genus. For example, orcs and goblins are vulnerable to light and not to beleriand, while half-orcs are the opposite (even though they're all in the same genus, "Orc-Kind"). That being said, the information here is only a generalization: more detailed data can be found in player-made guides and fansites such as Torang's guide.

Forum Image

Weapon Damage Type Summary

Ancient Dwarf
- Primary Damage on genus Dragon-kind (all), species Cave-claw, Rep Dungeon Sarnur

- Primary Damage on genus Ancient Evil (all), genus Spiders and Insects (all), species Half-orc
- Secondary Damage on species Wood-Troll

- Primary Damage on genus Creatures of Nature (all), species Gorthorog, species Kergrim, species Siegecraft, species Slug, species Snowbeast, species Troll, species Wolf, species Wood-Troll
- Secondary Damage on species Etten

- Primary Damage on genus Unseen (all), species Etten, species Goblin, species Gorthorog, species Orc, species PaleFolk, species Troll
- Secondary Damage on species Spider, species Wood-Troll

- Primary Damage on genus The Dead (all), genus Unseen (all), species Gaunt-Men
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