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Culian- First Marshal Scribe
The Deathless

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Joined: 27 Sep 2008
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re: APPROVED - App: tinyterry - by Culian- First Marshal Scribe

Welcome to the Sons of Durin. If you are in need of an invitation please post what times your available in game or if you would like an immediate invite send an in-game tell to one of our officers listed here. Just ask for an invite.

Bragae 115 Hobbit Warden R10, Culian 115 Man Burglar R7, Dakeras 115 Man Hunter R8, Conovar 115 Captain, Bailen 115 Dwarf Champion, Lanovar 115 Elf Guardian, Pendaeric 115 Man Loremaster / Creeps on Arkenstone - KurtBurton War-Leader R11, Bragha Warg R10, Braghae BA R10

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re: App: tinyterry

The application submitted by tinyterry is as follows:

Are you a current member of The Sons of Durin?:

What do you expect from The Sons of Durin as a Kinship?:
to leanr fine points of game

What is your RL age 25? M/F?:

MMORPGS=Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games

Do you have any experience with MMORPGS?:

You have how much experience with MMORPGS?:
3 years

If you have experience what is your play style in MMORPGS? What role do you usually fill?:

Please tell us a little about yourself and what you can offer to our Kinship?:
well i'm an active player once I learn finer points of my class,I'll start to grow fast. I like to work on crafting as well as leveling so i'm not the fast to high levels but when I do attain that high level it's not fluff. So if your the kinda family that would help train me up then i'll be willing to learn.btw i'm in a small alliance of nice folks just that they're not very helpful. so I'll be thanking for membership soon. I'm lvl 15 hunter have about 9 hrs play time in so far. Thanks for your time hope to hear from you sooon!

Character names;:

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