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re: Hall of Mirrors 2.0 - A Guide by Rothco

Lumul-Nar, or the Hall of Mirrors is a 3-man instance in Zirakzigil, accessible via a hole-in-the-wall north of Durin's Way.

Recommended Group Make-Ups
    Typically 1 healing class, 1-2 DPS classes and/or 1 crowd control class.

Recommended Equipment
    4 pieces of +10 Radiance armour (or more)
    20 wound pots
    5 disease pots
    Athelas and celebrant pots (depending on class)

Recommended Virtues
    Fidelity (shadow defence)
    Innocence (-5% melee damage)

Entering the Instance

When you enter the instance you will need to jump down a series of ledges until you reach the landing just above ground level. You will be able to see two Ravaging Frost-Wargs to the left and right of you, and a Frost-Matron wandering between each group of Wargs.

Attack the Frost-Matron when she's in-bewteen each group.
    The Matron inflicts frost wounds - use an infused healing draughts/salve to remove the wound immediately as it inflicts a lot of damage.
    During this fight you will see a flashing corruption - an eyeball symbol - appear on the Matron. This indicates the Matron is about to use a Heal over Time (HoT) effect that recovers approx. 900 morale every few seconds! Use a corruption removal skill when you see the icon. IF a green healing icon appears, it's too late.

After the Matron is dead, take out the Ravaging Frost-Wargs to the right. There's no real need to slay the Wargs to the left, but... Some people like to attack everything in sight...

Once the coast is clear, there will be a mirror with a lever next to it. Pull the lever. A webbed entrance opens up! Head inside.

1st Boss: Frost-Tail

This battle sees two Frost-Matrons attack the Fellowship, followed by a 100k+ boss called Frost-Tail.

When the battle begins, both Matrons will come towards the Fellowship.
    Try to focus your DPS on one Matron, with one member of the Fellowship holding the 2nd Matron at bay.
    Use infused healing daughts/salves to remove frost wounds asap.
    Both Matrons will try to use their HoT. When you see the flashing eyeball icon, use a corruption removal skill asap. The corruption needs to be removed from BOTH Matrons, otherwise they will both heal 900+ morale every few seconds!
    If the Matrons heal, run out of the room and reset the fight...

After approx. 1 minute, Frost-Tail will join the fight. Frostie's only nasty ability is to inflict frost wounds. Infused healing draughts/salves solve this problem!

Once the battle is won, loot the chest and use the lever on the middle mirror 3x, and the lever on the left-hand mirror once. This opens a webbed doorway through to the next area.

The Cavern

Head down the ramp. At the bottom of the ramp are two Swarming Bats. The Bats are nasty and summon other bats once you're in battle with them. Focus your DPS on the Swarming Bats, and ignore the other adds.

Beyond the Bats is a large cavern. A Morrovul-Taskmistress wanders close to the cavern entrance. Avoid her - we'll get to her later!

There is a cave mouth with stairs leading up just to the left of the entrance. 3 Morrovul-Warriors and a bat guard it. Pull the Warriors and add, avoid the Taskmistress, and then head up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs are two more Swarming Bats. By now, you'll dislike them as much as I do. Take them out and continue onwards.

When the tunnel re-emerges into the cavern you'll see a path continuing ahead and a ramp to the right. Head up the ramp. At the top are 2 Swarming Bats, 2-3 Morrovul-Warriors, and a little bat.
    This is a tough little pull/fight. Try to use short inductions, large heals, feign deaths, root pulls, all Green Fellowship Manoevres - whatever you can to survive it.
    Kill the Swarming Bats first, then the other adds.

More mirrors await you here! Turn the left mirror once, and the right mirror once.

Head down the ramp and to the right. Slay the Morrovul-Warrior, Swarming Bat and little bat waiting for you. proceed through what should be an open webbed door. If it's not open, you've messed up the mirrors on the ramp - slip back and pull the levers until the doorway opens.

Beyond the webbed doorway, head right and up another ramp towards the ceiling. There is a mirror here - pull the lever 3x.

Next, head back to the webbed entrance you just came through. In front of it are a few little steps leading back down to where you entered the cavern. Skip on down...

Now you can fight the Morrovul-Taskmistress!
    Use as much DPS on the Mistress as possible to take her out quickly, otherwise after 45 secs-1 min she'll start inflicting nasty shadow damage attacks that knock you out in 1-2 hits!

Spiral DOWN the ramps, taking out the groups of adds and Taskmistresses you encounter. Eventually you'll reach a platform with three mirrors. Kill all the adds here, and:
    Turn the left mirror once
    Turn the middle mirror 3x
    Turn the right mirror once.

The webbing at the bottom of the cavern will disappear after this - jump on down and fight the 2nd boss!

2nd Boss: Morroval Defiler & Taskmistress

Slay the Taskmistress 1st, Defiler 2nd. Crowd control skills such as fear/root/mezzes work on the Defiler to immobilise her for awhile.
    The Morroval-Defilers possess a +75% immunity corruption to melee, ranged and tactical damage! Corruption removal skills dispel this buff.

Once completed, turn the mirror in the centre of the room 2x, walk through the now opened webbed door, and loot the chest!

The Mirror Platform

Forum Image

Follow the ramps down to the mirror platform. There are even more mirrors here to realigned!

In the centre of the platform is a web that needs to be opened by positioning the mirrors correctly. Grand's diagram above shows you how the mirrors need to be positioned. I'll save myself some explaining and quote Grand's article:

Once you get to the bottom, you'll get to a kind of open room with a mirror in the middle, everybody run past the mirror and you will fight a Morroval-Taskmistress. From this point on, if a Mistress gets close to a mirror, a Defiler will spawn and corrupt the mirror. This is why u want everybody to go past the mirror, so that if they pull agro, the Mistress wont run up to the mirror.

After this fight, fix the mirror, open the chest and continue down to the bottom of the room. There will be 1 Mistress wandering around down here (look for the side of the room with corrupted mirrors, good indication she's there). Once you find her, do NOT agro her, another will just spawn in her place a little bit later.

What you want to do is let her come to the middle of the room, and then have 1 person get just into range of her it will say something like "The Morroval-Taskmistress threatens to attack". As soon as you see this, back up. wait a 1 second, and move forward until u see the text again and then back up. If done correctly, the mistress will be stuck in 1 spot threatening a person, but never agroing them. The other 2 people can go around to the 4 sides and fix the mirrors there.

These mirrors are a bit tougher to figure out (theres actually 2 different ways that work) 3 sides should be clear of Defilers, but 1 side should have a Defiler at each mirror, you'll have to have the 2 people kill them before fixing the mirrors. Once each mirror is correct, the Mistress will disappear.

3rd Boss: Ergoth

Mirrors are aligned. The webbing in the centre of the platform disappears! Ok, you're ready to fight the final boss - Ergoth!
    You will need to jump down into the hole, and will land on a giant mirror. The mirror is highly polished and slippery - you will see your movement rate halved by this.
    This battle is broken into two cyclic phases: Ergoth, and her minions *muahahaha!*
    Phase 1: Fight Ergoth; have your DPS and crowd control members attack the boss, and your healer focus on healing the party. Ergoth inflicts nasty wounds - use an infused healing draught/salve to remove them asap!
    Phase 2: The Adds; There are 4 types of adds - Blood Drinker, Creeper, Stalker and Tough (Thank you Uthlandir for this information!)... In order to achieve Hard Mode for the Glistening Stone, ONE OF EACH TYPE OF ADD must remain alive! Have your DPS and/or crowd control kill adds, but leave a few alive. Your healer will either be running around kiting adds to stay alive, or healing their Fellows (if necessary). Phase 2 becomes easier as the adds begin to die...

And that's it! you win, loot the two chests if Hard Mode's achieved, and retell your tale of the Hall of Mirrors to any kin-members who'll listen!


Grand's article on the Hall of Mirrors
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